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The Brand 

At SASHAY we strut with courage towards our goals: Sashaying  means exactly this graceful movement. The brand is all about having the right attitude and using strong values ​​as guard rails. That’s why Sibylle founded SASHAY.


The brand's vision is to create a sustainable alternative for classic leather goods.


The timeless classics made from a waste product of the juice industry do not chase trends but are wearable again next season. The decent colors can be combined with everything.


The label is revolutionary without being radical. We believe that eco-friendly alternatives should be integrated into everyday life without major changes. Similarly to SASHAY’s meticulously handcrafted shoes.

SASHAY vegan shoes PARD Block Sandale Apfelleder beige Zentralhof Zuriche_edited.jpg
SASHAY vegane nachhaltige Schuhe Apfelleder Vegan sustainable shoes apple leather

The Foundress

Sibylle Oetiker is an «all or nothing» woman with a preference for summer and a flair for challenges. She says yes to 100% sustainability, but with a healthy dose of pragmatism and savoir-vivre. That’s why the Zurich resident founded SASHAY in 2020: The label combines environmental awareness and an ethical production with classic aesthetics. The founder leads a conscious lifestyle, generally tries to avoid animal products, but does not live completely vegan herself.

As analytical as Sibylle is when designing the vegan shoe models, she is passionate about implementing her philosophy of sensuality. Without surfing (to recharge her batteries), curiosity (for thinking outside the box), laughing (also about herself), her intuition (when making decisions), and last but not least, her courage, she probably would not have become an entrepreneur. Her source of inspiration is women like her: strong, passionate and delicate at the same time.

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