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Step by step towards sustainability

Material: Vegan & sustainable

  • Reuse: Our Apple leather is crafted out of the remains of juice production. The plant-based leather alternative consists of 70% bio-based material.

  • Renew(able): Unlike normal faux leather, it is produced not only from plastic and therefore mineral oil, but from a renewable resource.

  • Refuse: No animal products 100% vegan (PETA-Approved Vegan).

Design: Classy & timeless

  • Reuse: Our timeless classics don't chase trends, but are wearable again next season. The decent colors can be combined with everything.

Production: fair and eco-friendly

  • Refuse: We consider fair working conditions and good salaries and benefits to be a basic standard.

  • Reduce: We ship all orders climate neutral and rely on short transport routes wherever possible. The shoes are manufactured in a resource-friendly way in sustainable manufactories and family-run businesses in Portugal.

  • Recycle: We use only recycled and recyclable materials for our packaging.

Culture: Fair, transparent & honest

  • Rethink: Customers are our friends, and we cultivate our friendships. Instead of suppliers, we would like to work with partners.

The Promise

A lot is possible, soon even more

Today it is possible to design a vegan shoe that looks like genuine leather. However, it’s not yet possible to create 100% biodegradable high heel because, for example, wooden stilettos don’t have the necessary structural integrity to support a heel. And even the latest generation of plant-based leather still contains a small amount of water-based, and free of toxin polyurethane. The apple leather still remains significantly less harmful to the environment than normal synthetic leather. However, we are constantly working on our vision to create a fully sustainable shoe in the future.

SASHAY vegane nachhaltige Schuhe Apfelleder Vegan sustainable shoes apple leather
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