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The Philosophie

Fair, transparent, honest

Customers are our friends and we cultivate our friendships. Instead of suppliers, we want to work with partners. We consider fair working conditions and salaries to be a basic standard, which is why we have our products made in small factories and family-owned businesses.

Environmentally friendly e-commerce

We ship all orders in a climate-neutral manner, only use recycled cardboard and paper as packaging, without any unnecessary packaging material. We reuse shipping boxes. Recycling also needs energy – reuse is always the most sustainable way.

The Promise

A lot is possible, soon even more

Today it is possible to design a vegan shoe that looks like genuine leather. However, it’s not yet possible to create 100% biodegradable high heel because, for example, wooden stilettos don’t have the necessary structural integrity to support a heel. And even the latest generation of plant-based leather still contains a small amount of water-based, and free of toxin polyurethane. The apple leather still remains significantly less harmful to the environment than normal synthetic leather. However, we are constantly working on our vision to create a fully sustainable shoe in the future.

SASHAY vegan sexy shoes ALLY Pump 7cm Apfelleder schwarz Studio Bellerive
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