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Vegan Shoes crafted from Apple Leather

The Shoe

Shoes that not only look good, but truly do good. The SASHAY collections neither sacrifice on sustainability nor on attractiveness: Our elegant models are ethically crafted out of apple leather. The vegan material is obtained from apple peel, a waste product from the juicing industry. Our shoes, boots and sandals are becoming coveted companions in an “everyday” and a “not every night” version. Both variants come in a straightforward design and a restrained color palette. The shoes are handcrafted in a small family owned manufactory in Portugal.

The Story

At SASHAY we strut with courage towards our goals: Sashaying  means exactly this graceful movement. The brand is all about having the right attitude and using strong values ​​as guard rails. That’s why Sibylle founded SASHAY in 2020. As a lateral entrant and forerunner, she was guided by her pronounced sense of style and her clear vision of creating a brand that cares about aesthetics, about femininity, about the environment, and about the people involved in production. The trans-seasonal classics are all made from vegan apple leather. The result is sustainable sexy shoes with which every step you take makes a difference.

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The trans-seasonal essentials are made from vegan apple leather by a sustainable family run business in Portugal, under fair working conditions. In order to protect the environment and minimize the ecological footprint of our shoes, all orders are sent carbon-neutrally, as well as packaged plastic free. Our products are not yet to be completely plastic-free – e.g. the apple leather consists of 70% apple residue, but still contains some polyurethane as a binding agent. However, we are constantly working on our vision to create a fully sustainable shoe in the future.



«The apple leather is actually like real leather - I'm thrilled!

Super customer service! Great that you are so committed»



«These shoes are the bomb!

Comfortable, weatherproof, perfect heel height and look super chic!»


«I don't usually wear heels, but I love the block heeled sandal! Ordered the pair in the other color directly as well..»