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Vegan Shoes crafted from Apple Leather

Shoes crafted out of Apple Leather

Shoes that not only look good, but truly do good. The SASHAY collections neither sacrifice on sustainability nor on attractiveness: Our elegant models are ethically crafted out of apple leather. The vegan material is obtained from apple peel, a waste product from the juicing industry.


How an Apple becomes Leather

Our apple leather is crafted out of the remains of juice production. The waste mass of cores and skin is dried and then processed into powder, where it is then mixed with plastic and non-toxic solvents. This mixture of 70% apple residue is applied to a fabric and then pressed. This is how vegan apple leather is made.

Our apple leather feels and looks exactly like leather. It is weatherproof and robust. In contrast to common synthetic leather, it is not just made from plastic.

Our apple leather is uncomplicated

Apple leather does not require any special care. Drops of water simply roll off. Our shoes can be worn in the rain. No water marks remain even on light colors.

It is best to clean the shoe with a damp cloth and then pat it dry. A mild soap can be used for heavy soiling. Alcohol, waterproofing & silky sprays, other solvents or waxes for the care of genuine leather are not suitable.

Fair Production

Our shoes are made under fair working conditions in a sustainable family-run business in Portugal. In order to protect the environment and minimize the ecological footprint of our shoes, all orders are sent carbon-neutrally, as well as packaged plastic free.

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The Brand

At SASHAY we strut with courage towards our goals: Sashaying  means exactly this graceful movement. The brand is all about having the right attitude and using strong values ​​as guard rails. That’s why Sibylle founded SASHAY in 2020. As a lateral entrant and forerunner, she was guided by her pronounced sense of style and her clear vision of creating a brand that cares about aesthetics, about femininity, about the environment, and about the people involved in production. The trans-seasonal classics are all made from vegan apple leather. The result is sustainable sexy shoes with which every step you take makes a difference.



«The apple leather is actually like real leather - I'm thrilled!

Super customer service! Great that you are so committed»



«These shoes are the bomb!

Comfortable, weatherproof, perfect heel height and look super chic!»


«I don't usually wear heels, but I love the block heeled sandal! Ordered the pair in the other color directly as well..»

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